Terms and Conditions

  1. Our Terms and Conditions are basis of the contractual relationship and are deemed to be recognized.
  2. The premises have to be cleared (removal of the furniture, etc.), otherwise the rooms are charged in the direct direction.
  3. The ÖNORMS are deemed to be agreed upon. Contrary to the ÖNORM, however, no detention can be observed.
  4. In the case of the above-mentioned work, dust development or grinding sludge may occur. Cleaning work is an on-site, free of charge for us.
  5. Cleaning, sanding and sandblasting work is accompanied by a cleaning by means of cleaning and grinding machines or vacuum cleaners and compressors.
  6. For grinding work over 1000 m2, a disposal container for the disposal of the grinding sludge must be provided by the customer.
  7. In the case of sandblasting of slides, the material must be free from any coating or covering.
  8. In the case of sand-blasting work, masonry (painting work) and stairs have to be protected. We will not assume any liability for damage resulting from unsuitable areas.
  9. Electricity 220 V or 380 V, and water are to be provided free of charge.
  10. For open joints in the floor, base or stair area and resulting damages due to.
  11. Should paints, varnishes or other objects come to light during cleaning or sandblasting work, which were previously not visible and which are only mechanically removable, this becomes Mechanical distance in hours plus material costs billed.
  12. Natural stonework is subject to variations in color and structure, which can not be influenced.
  13. The pattern presented is therefore not binding for the entire surface, it only shows the material type, but not all variants. A certain type of drawing, the presence of veins, inclusions, quartz threads, color deviations and irregularities, etc., and the absence of such properties does not constitute defectiveness. This also applies to variations in the coloring and structure of the material. By applying a durable protective impregnation, such fluctuations in the coloring and structure can be intensified. (Color depth)
  14. If open joints become visible in the course of the work, these will be re-ordered as required and will be invoiced in direct charge plus material costs.
  15. In principle, the above-mentioned work must be carried out before the painting work. If the object is already painted, we can not assume any liability for any damage to the painting.
  16. In the case of cleaning, impregnation or sandblasting work on external facades, we shall not be liable for cracks in parts of the facade or loose facade cladding.
  17. When working on external facades or window sills and mounts, a scaffold must be provided by the customer.
  18. Cleaning of facades: If the façade cleaning does not lead to spalling due to loose plasterings or loosening of damaged colors, we are not liable. If chemical cleaning is used to clean the plants or lawns, we are not liable. The surfaces or the protection of these green areas and plants is carried out by pre-wetting or hanging with a film.
  19. Regular hour rate: professional-hour: 52.00 € net, plus 20% VAT.
  20. Regular hour overtime rate: Normal overtime and night hours: 50% surcharge on labor / Sundays and public holidays: 100% surcharge on labor
  21. Validity of the offer: from date of issue 1 year
  22. Execution period: by appointment
  23. Duration: by appointment or according to offer.
  24. Billing: takes place after actual end-measurement
  25. On the day of the completion of the cleaning and impregnation work carried out, acceptance report and has to be signed by the client.